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827 S Lone Hill Ave., Glendora, CA 91740
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Bermie Dizon

Simplicity in Christ

By Bermie Dizon. 34 minutes. Stop! Be Still! These are instructions we see in the scriptures to wake us up and refocus on what is most important in life. If we are not careful, our lives and our minds can be filled with clutter. This clutter hinders us in our relationship with our Lord Jesus….

Who Am I?

What is man? Who are we? Who Am I? Questions we all ask. Psalm 8 reveals that when we know who the Father is and how he views mankind, we find the answers to these questions. – 20 minutes –

Jesus Prays for Us

Jesus prayed for you and me. What did he mean when he prayed that we may be one as the Father and Son are one? Bermie Dizon (22 minutes)

What Are You Most Afraid Of?

It is but human to feel fear but it is another thing to live in fear.  King David shares with us in Psalms 27 his fearlessness.  What are you most afraid of? By Bermie Dizon. 28 minutes.