Date Scripture
Testimonial Message Communion
Date Scripture Testimonial or Devotional Message Offertory/Communion Theme
1 Kaitlin Pulmano Rhonda Lytton (testimonial) Tammy Tkach C: Bermie Dizon
O: Kathleen Roberts
Advent: Hope
8 Annette Williams Janet Shay (testimonial) Bermie Dizon O: Ezer Maninang Advent: Preparation
15 Tammy Tkach
Readers’ Theater
O: Maila Pulmano Christmas Celebration, pt 1 (to be coordinated by Jillian M); Advent: Joy
22 Anica Maninang Special Music, drama or Video? Joe Tkach O: Paul Tellez Christmas Theme, pt 2; Advent: Love
29 Jerry Lytton
Merv and Helen Walton
O: Barb Edwards End of the year messages
5 Janet Shay Devotionals/Prayers: Jillian/Kathleen R., Mike/Tom A., Bermie/Barbara E. C: Jerry & Rhonda Lytton?
O: Marianne Maninang
New Year’s service
Devotional/Prayer Format
12 Kathleen Roberts Sherwin Goff (testimonial) Bermie Dizon 1 – “From More Effort to More Jesus”
Jillian Morrison 2- “From More Volunteers to More Masterpieces”
O: Manny Quiray “Made for More” Series
19 Cecelia Walker Bermie Dizon 3- “From More Guilt to More Love” Jillian Morrison 4- “From More Hierarchy to More Missionaries” O: Brice Crow “Made for More” Series
26 Renahlee Crow Bermie Dizon 5- “From More Programs to More Mission Fields” Jillian Morrison 6- “From More Strategy to More Surrender” O: Annette Williams “Made for More” Series
2 Kaitlin Pulmano Mike Morrison C: Barb Edwards
O: Kathleen Roberts
9 Ting Bejo (testimonial) Bermie Dizon O: Jillian Morrison
16 Annette Williams Barb Edwards (testimonial) Jillian Morrison O: Ezer Maninang
23 Ezer Maninang (testimonial) Bermie Dizon O: Maila Pulmano
1 Anica Maninang Jillian Morrison (split sermon) Bermie Dizon (split sermon) O: Paul Tellez
8 Marianne Maninang (testimonial) Mike Morrison O: Manny Quiray

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