We are committed both locally and globally to serving communities.  For many years, we have supported missions work in the Caribbean, Africa,  Asia, and the USA. We have sent short-term missionaries to the Philippines, the Bahamas, Mexico, India, Zambia, Malawi, and Colombia, and we have supported missionaries in Thailand and Bangladesh.  We also support youth camps in Zambia and Malawi (Africa).

Closer to home, we have been serving in a convalescent hospital weekly, and we have distributed food to the homeless. Yearly, we provide scholarships for children and teens so they can attend our youth summer camp, SEP So Cal. We are looking at other opportunities where we can better serve our local communities. Our Youth Pastor, Ezer Maninang, also volunteers by leading a Good News Club at a local elementary school.

We welcome anyone who may wish to partner with us in these ministries.  You can partner with us through your prayerful support — or if you are looking for a church to attend, you are most welcome to join us.

Others are blessed by God financially and are looking for opportunities to serve.  Your partnership will be much appreciated.  We are a non-profit church congregation and give official receipts to people who donate for tax deduction. You may send your financial support by sending checks payable to Grace Life at PO Box 754, Glendora, CA 91740-0754. You may also use this link to donate online: Grace Life Online Donation. Thank you.

amazon smile

Amazon will donate 1/2 percent of all purchases to our congregation if you register with them.
This is not an endorsement of Amazon – feel free to shop elsewhere if you can get lower prices elsewhere.
This does not increase your cost – it just decreases Amazon’s profit.

Here’s how to do it: Go to http://smile.amazon.com
Sign in with your previous user name and password.
Then select a charity: at the bottom, search for NewLife (all one word) or “newlife fellowship” and select Newlife Fellowship A Congregation of Grace Communion International. (We’ll soon get a new name for this.)

Now when you shop, always begin at smile.amazon.com, and 1/2% of your purchase will automatically go to our congregation.

Amazon also offers you “Amazon Assistant,” which is a browser plugin that offers specials, a search bar, and other links that automatically take you to smile.amazon.com.
If you do not install the Assistant, you can always go to smile.amazon.com on your own. But if you forget and go to www.amazon.com, then we won’t get anything. 🙁