Worship Service every Sunday at 1:00 PM
827 S Lone Hill Ave., Glendora, CA 91740
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Meet Our Pastor and Family

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Meet Our Pastor & Family

Pastor Bermie serves as pastor for Grace Life, a congregation of Grace Communion International in Glendora, CA.


Bermie and Millet have four grown children. The oldest, Ben (married to Cassie), finished his B.S. in Psychobiology at UCLA and is now working in the DC area. The second eldest, Carmel, RN (Registered Nurse) works in a hospital in Colorado. She lives with her husband Matt and two young children (Mia and Urijah) in Colorado. The third child, Abel, PhD in Civil Engineering, works in Orange County as a structural engineer for a construction company. He is married to Gelli and they have two sons: Eli and Theo. The fourth child, David, works as Aerospace Engineer in southern California. He serves as part of the worship team for Grace Life.

Bermie and his wife, Carmelita (Millet), served as pastor for twelve years in the Philippines. They pastored churches in Central Luzon and Mindanao, Philippines before being transferred to the USA in 1996.

Bermie finished his Masters degree (M.A. in Christian Education) at Azusa Pacific Seminary and received his B.A. in Theology degree in Pasadena, CA. His wife earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in the Philippines and her Theology degree with her husband in Pasadena. She works as a visiting Wound Treatment Nurse. Bermie loves biking and serves the homeless community every Tuesday.

Pastor Bermie can be contacted at (626) 590-4985 (cell).