Church consists of more than just adults! Children need an environment where they can learn and grow in a fun, Christ-centered community.

During the church service, let your child build lasting friendships, have fun, learn about God, and know that He loves them! Every week, we offer children’s church during services. This is for ages 13 and under.

Although there are no special services for other age groups, the teens and young adults in our congregation have a strong community. They tend to sit together at the potluck each week, and every year they organize their own Christmas party for ages 13-30.

We team up with other GCI churches in the area to have annual teen events, such as World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. However, the big event that children, teenagers, and adults really look forward to every year is SEP So Cal youth camp for ages 8-17. Campers participate in activities such as swimming, high ropes challenge course and zip line, basketball, water slide, praise & worship, a talent show, dance class, and more. This one-week Bible-based camp in the San Diego area always has campers coming home on fire for Jesus! Staff at the camp are ages 18+ (both young adults and older adults). Our church gives scholarships to campers for SEP if they regularly attend our congregation and are actively involved in a ministry.

Children and teenagers have many opportunities to get involved in ministry, especially in the worship team! One of our worship teams is made up of children from our children’s church, and the other worship teams consist of several (or all) teenagers or young adults.

Another ministry opportunity is summer mission trips! In the past, we have taken international summer mission trips with teenagers as young as 13 to places like Native American reservations, Mexico, the Philippines, the Bahamas, India, and Colombia. You can read more about these trips here.

Our summer camp and mission trips are headed by GCI’s GenMin (Generations Ministries), which also sponsors Leadership Development opportunities, such as the Journey with the Master weekend program, the yearly Converge conference, and the Pastoral Internship program.

Young adults in our congregation are also in the church advisory council, as well as having other leadership positions and many opportunities to speak in front of the church. One of our weekly small groups is just for young adults.