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Love God. Love Others. Serve the World.

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Latest News

Father’s Day

The role of a father is one that can tend to have negative connotations attached to it in our society. However, it’s a exceedingly importantly role that has lasting impact on any individual. As we see in scripture there are countless examples of failures. Jacob, who failed in many situations is still held in high…

Annual combined church picnic

A few years ago, a few pastors in the Los Angeles area came together with the desire to have a yearly picnic with the surrounding GCI churches, and that’s what they did. Every year now, Grace Life, New Hope, and GCF come together in May and have a huge picnic with all three churches combined!…

Mother’s Day

We celebrate the women in our lives who have raised us, loved us, supported us, and the countless things a mother does that no one sees. All throughout time there has been a need for mothers, a need for a womanly figure in a life. We take the time to honor and recognize the mothers,…

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