Amazon will donate 1/2 percent of all purchases to Grace Life if you register with them.
This is not an endorsement of Amazon – feel free to shop elsewhere if you can get lower prices elsewhere.
This does not increase your cost – it just decreases Amazon’s profit.

Here’s how to do it: Go to
Sign in with your previous user name and password.
Then select a charity: at the bottom, search for NewLife (all one word) or “newlife fellowship” and select Newlife Fellowship A Congregation of Grace Communion International (it says Pasadena, CA because that is where our Post Office box was when we set it up). (Now that we have a PO Box in Glendora and a new congregational name, we will change this.)

Now when you shop, always begin at, and 1/2% of your purchase will automatically go to our congregation!

Amazon also offers you “Amazon Assistant,” which is a browser plugin that offers specials, a search bar, and other links that automatically take you to
If you do not install the Assistant, you can always go to on your own. But if you forget and go to, then we won’t get anything. 🙁

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