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Ohio Mission Trip

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Ohio Mission Trip
June 14 – June 27

Myself and eight other members across five GCI churches came together for two weeks to help serve Dustin Lampe’s church, Christ Fellowship Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Led by Janet Morrison from GCI Glendora, from June 14 until June 27 all nine of us gave our time and hearts to help CFC with their two major events; a community festival and Westside Kids Camp.

The festival started the weekend that we arrived and lasted all day Saturday and Sunday. Every morning at 7 a.m., the nine of us would wake up, have breakfast together, be given a devotional then prepare for our day. From organizing games for patrons to play, scheduling the rest of the day, and getting the church premises ready, we were all busy from sun up till sundown.









CFC’s primary intent with the festival was to start to build a community presence, since they’re newer in the area. Other goals were to take the opportunity to inform parents of their weeklong day camp starting the following Monday and to raise money for their current and future children’s ministry events.



Through the efforts of both us and the church members, CFC managed to raise several thousand dollars. In addition to this wonderful news, CFC was able to get a total of 50 kids signed up for their Westside Kids Camp.


On Sunday night the festival ended, we cleaned up everything and were thrust right into a late night of preparations for the camp that came Monday morning.

Monday morning came as we all got into position and welcomed the campers we’d be with for the rest of the week. All of us on staff cheered as the kids entered into the sanctuary and were warmly welcomed as they were organized into three different groups based on their age.Each day all 3 groups would have a bible memory verse, dance class, lunch, crafts, games, bible lessons and various activities.






All during the camp we emphasized and maintained Christ as our focus and reason.
We continually encouraged all campers and staff to love and respect one another throughout the entire week, as we had fun and learned about Christ’s love and grace for humanity. Through the week we were able to showcase Christ’s love to these kids as we encouraged them, listened to them, shared with them and had fun with them.

By the end of the week on Sunday morning, there were 4 baptisms and CFC had grown in numbers.

A deep thank you to everyone who prayed for us all during the trip and for those who supported us financially during the trip. All of you were just as much a part of this mission trip as we were because there are countless aspects to any mission trip, many of which are never seen.
We were all blessed to have the opportunity to serve Pastor Lampe’s church and we pray that the time we spent with them and the children made a difference.


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